14 April 2009

Special issue: Challenges and opportunities for sustainable transportation

International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development 8(3/4) 2009

Papers from a conference in Taipei, Taiwan in 2007 organised by the Chinese Institute of Transportation.
  • Introduction: At the cross-roads of efficiency and sustainability
  • A new approach to distributing urban trips
  • Sustainable transport development in East Asian megacities
  • Pricing of road transport in East Asia: issues and challenges
  • A multimodal public transport planning guidance for sustainable transport in developing countries
  • The development of rural public transport routes: a case study in Bantul, Central Java
  • A logistic regression model for explaining urban development on the basis of accessibility: a case study of Naples
  • Waiting strategies for the dynamic dial-a-ride problem
  • A real-time recurrent learning on predicting short-term temporal traffic dynamics for sustainable management
  • The effects of accessing real-time bus arrival information via mobile phone on the travel time dispersion of transit passengers
  • Accounting for accidents in the measurement of transport inefficiency: a case of Taiwanese bus transit

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