15 April 2009

Special issue: Advanced theory and technologies for design, manufacturing and materials

International Journal of Materials and Product Technology 34(3) 2009
  • Hybrid immune-simulated annealing algorithm for optimal design and manufacturing
  • An Ant Colony Optimisation algorithm for partner selection in Virtual Enterprises
  • Finite Element simulation for three dimensional thermal analysis of Multi-Chip Module
  • Parametric modelling approach for development of an automotive bucket seat frame
  • Atomic simulation for adhesion problem on surfaces of micro gears
  • Automated conceptual design of mechanisms using enumeration and functional reasoning
  • YTentative approach of a novel Multi-Medium Coupling Dynamic Vibration Absorber
  • Damage characteristics of fabric reinforced hybrid composite laminates subjected to low energy impacts
  • Effect of copper and silicon addition on the ring fracture strength and hardness of sintered-hot forged carbon steels
  • Investigation on the thermal conductivity of AlN thin films by using Molecular Dynamics simulation
  • Influence of volume fraction on the notched tensile strength of steel reinforced polyester hybrid composites
  • Effects of Ni-doping mode on microstructure and mechanical properties of alumina/Ni composites
  • Characterisations of interfacial heat transfer by atomic modelling
  • Investigation on the origin of green light emission in ZnO bulk materials

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