7 November 2007

Special issue: Sustainable solutions for resource valorisation and regeneration

International Journal of Environmental Technology and Management 7(5/6) 2007

* Resource-miser business models
* Sustainable Value creation among companies in the manufacturing sector
* From environmental management to radical technological change: industry in sustainable development
* Eco-Innovation: opportunities for advancing waste prevention
* The introduction and dissemination of the industrial symbiosis projects in the Rotterdam Harbour and Industry Complex
* A decision-making methodology for transition to reuse business
* Resources circulating and sustainable society in Asia: concept and research scheme
* Creating economic, social and environmental value: an information infrastructure perspective
* Integrative environmental research and education
* Technological transitions and Strategic Niche Management: the case of the hydrogen economy
* Cleaner Production and Eco-Efficiency in Australian small firms
* Development of comprehensive LCA database based on input-output tables
* Eco-effectiveness to pursue resource valorisation and conservation: a new approach

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