2 November 2007

Call for papers: Functionally Graded Materials: an Integrated Approach

Call for papers: Functionally Graded Materials: an Integrated Approach

A special issue of International Journal of Materials and Product Technology

In functionally graded materials (FGMs), properties change gradually with position. The gradient in properties results from intentionally-induced variations in chemical composition and/or structure in selected regions of the material. Careful conception of the spatial gradation is of prime importance. Most of the time, the absence of a smooth gradient causes severe interfacial mismatches of physical, chemical and/or mechanical properties, resulting in a premature deterioration of components or component decrease of its performance limits.

Although in the last decade significant research efforts have been undertaken in order to understand and model the influence of the enormous number of parameters dictating the performance of FGMs, and to develop/improve the processing techniques for these materials, there are currently not many applications in which FGMs are used, mainly in coatings and a few very recent developments for functionally graded bulk materials. Also, an integrated approach is still lacking which joins the benefits of a functionally graded bulk material with a functionally graded coating along with a functionally graded interface, allowing a smooth transition between bulk and coating. A huge gap between the best coating performance combined with the best characteristics for compatibility with the bulk material is still not filled.

This special issue intends to contribute to establish the state-of-the art regarding FGM materials, dissimilar bulk and coatings, and interface characteristics.

Suitable topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Coating deposition techniques: innovations towards composition control
  • Graded coatings: production and characterisation
  • Manufacturing bulk techniques: sintering, casting, rapid prototyping, etc.
  • Optimal design material composition distribution: interface-mismatch characterisation between dissimilar materials and optimisation, modelling, etc.
  • Material-property estimation: numerical and analytical modelling
  • FGMs properties characterisation
  • Degradation mechanisms: corrosion, wear, fracture mechanics, etc.
  • Analysis of stress fields (mechanical and thermal) in FGMs: bulk, coatings and interfaces
  • Nano-, micro-, and meso-scale production, modelling and characterisation
Important Date
Deadline for submission: 31 March, 2008

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