16 November 2007

Special issue: Rapid product development, tooling and agile manufacturing

International Journal of Agile Systems and Management 2(2) 2007
  • Trends in agility for rapid product development and manufacturing – a review
  • A case study of flexible tooling solutions for a small healthcare company
  • Chip form strategy for tool wear prediction solution
  • White layer formation and tool wear in high speed milling of 57HRc tool steel using coated and uncoated tools
  • Development of a tool life prediction model for plaster machining
  • Six Sigma approach for build-time estimation of Selective Laser Sintering
  • Critical notes and considerations on the use of ISO 286-1 for CAD modelling and rapid product development
  • Integrating Computational Fluid Dynamic and prototyping technologies in the investigation of multi-element profiles for a high-lift variable pitch vertical-axis tidal power generator

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