15 November 2007

Call for papers: Mobility: Adding Flexibility to Web-based Communities

Call for papers: Mobility: Adding Flexibility to Web-based Communities

A special issue of International Journal of Web Based Communities

The development of more mobile and more flexible learning communities is being supported by developments in hardware (e.g., smart phones, smaller more powerful notebook computers and a variety of wireless communication options) and software (e.g., the rise of the semantic web tools). Increasingly, communities are being characterised by:
  • diversity of access to content and modes of communication
  • more opportunities to store, share and disseminate information, and
  • convergence of wired and wireless technologies that support more diverse community interactions.
Articles may address the theme of mobility from a variety of perspectives. The following questions are offered as stimulus for potential authors. Specific evidence-based studies would be welcome on any of these (or other) aspects of the theme:
  • To what extent are mobile technologies impacting upon communities of educational practice?
  • Can mobile technologies simultaneously support flexibility and improved learning outcomes?
  • Who are the best users and creators of content in a mobile environment: the instructor or the student?
  • What is the contribution of the student experience of mobile learning to the current institutional models for curriculum design and implementation?
  • What impact are web 2.0 technologies having on improving and/or changing community engagement and interaction?
  • Are there specific cultural issues in the use of mobile devices for web-based communities?
  • How are web-based communities evolving to support greater flexibility of engagement and interaction?
  • How is the integration of wired and wireless environments impacting on, or supporting, web-based communities?
Potential contributors who require clarification or wish to enquire if the topic of their submission fits within the scope of the special issue may contact Dr Kennedy by email at dkennedy@hku.hk. Please provide a paragraph describing the topic and potential title in any enquiries.

Important Date
Deadline for paper submission: 15 March, 2008

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