15 November 2007

Call for papers: Particulate Air Pollution in Urban Environments

Call for papers: Particulate Air Pollution in Urban Environments

A special issue of International Journal of Environment and Pollution

Particulates represent a major threat to human and environmental health of all air pollutants, especially in urban areas. There is still much to learn about sources and quantities of particulate emissions, in particular those emitted by gross emitters such as domestic heating, industry and transportation. Monitoring particulates continues to be fraught with problems, including the metrics that are used, such as particle number, mass and surface area. Particle size distribution (PM1, PM2.5, PM10) is also an issue, particularly with regard to expected health impacts.

New monitoring methods are being developed, including fixed monitors, mobile samplers, remote sensing and satellite techniques. There is also uncertainty over possible detrimental health effects of particulates of natural (e.g. sea salt, pollen, soil) versus anthropogenic (e.g. milk powder, bulk storage, coal, cement, fertilisers, mining) origin, and there is a lack of knowledge of the effects of secondary particulates in contributing to both measured concentrations and their health impact. The purpose of this special issue is to publish the latest results of research into any aspect of particulate air pollution in urban environments.

Suitable topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Source characteristics of particulate air pollution
  • Monitoring methods for particulate air pollution
  • Exposure assessment and health effects
  • Toxicology of particulate air pollution
  • Health effects of particulates of natural versus anthropogenic origin
  • Secondary particulates
  • Dispersion modelling of particulate air pollution
  • Chemical modelling of particulate air pollution
Important Date
Deadline for manuscript submission: 31 March, 2008

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