28 November 2007

Special issue: Innovation in energy systems

International Journal of Global Energy Issues 28(2/3) 2007
  • Sustainable nuclear energy: some reasons for optimism
  • CO2 emissions mitigation policies and their effects on the Thailand energy system
  • Potential of crop residue in India as a source of energy
  • Recovering energy from biogas emission: the case of Mariana Mantovana landfill (Italy)
  • Hydrogen production technology for powering civil and industrial systems: a review
  • Physical properties of wood pellets from a novel pelletising process
  • Advanced processes for low rank coal drying and dewatering in high efficient power plants
  • Separation of CO2 during combustion of coal in a pressurised fluidised bed
  • Comparative study of steam injection effects on operation of gas turbine cycles
  • Visible light-operated glucose-O2 biofuel cell
  • Catalysis of atomic hydrogen to new hydrides as a new power source
  • Modelling oil degradation in electric transformer oil under typical loads

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