12 November 2007

Special issue: Building reliable networked applications. Part II

International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering 3(2) 2007

Further papers from the Fourth International Workshop on Databases in Networked Information Systems (DNIS) held on 28–30 March, 2005 at the University of Aizu, Japan.
(Other papers were published in International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering 2(5/6) 2006)
  • Networked database builder and data-mining engine for electronic journal papers
  • Development of a data mining application for huge scale earth environmental data archives
  • Automation systems for generating web-based mathematical learning and presentation materials
  • Exploring website log data with coordinated dimension hierarchies and network pivots
  • GridFS: highly scalable I/O solution for clusters and computational grids
  • Predictive business operations management
  • Computational interface for web-based access to dynamic contents
  • Integration of virtual reality and database systems for cultural heritage dissemination
  • From MultiMedia to UniversalMedia
  • The multimedia semantic web
  • Storing and retrieving multimedia web notes
  • A searching method based on problem description and algorithmic features

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