11 November 2007

Special issue: Computer-aided innovation

International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology 30(1/2) 2007

  • Fostering innovation in practice through TRIZ-based CAI tools
  • Formal innovation criteria
  • Development of an empirical-based categorisation scheme for CAI software
  • Fan-shape optimisation using CFD and genetic algorithms for increasing the efficiency of electric motors
  • Automatic shape and topology variations in 3D CAD environments for genetic optimisation
  • Generative design supported by evolutionary computing approach
  • A design language for generic space-frame structure design
  • A framework for OTSM–TRIZ-based computer support to be used in complex problem management
  • A model for problem representation at various generic levels to assist inventive design
  • A substance-field ontology to support the TRIZ thinking approach
  • Parameter network as a means for driving problem solving process
  • Development of an auto-painting technology for dental burs
  • Computer simulation of a 3D free-form surface normal machining by 4SPS + RPS and 5SPS/UPU parallel machine tools

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