22 January 2007

Special issue: Select wireless research

This papers contained in this Special Issue of International Journal of Mobile Network Design and Innovation 1(3/4) 2006 are from two general categories: the first being select papers from the 13th International Conference on Telecommunications Systems Modelling and Analysis, held during November 2005 in Dallas, Texas, USA and the second category being solicited papers from various researchers who frequent the INFORMS Telecommunications Conference which was also held in Dallas, Texas, USA, March 2006.
There is a societal implication for a given network’s design that impacts the users, the network providers and the governmental planners. This special issue includes not only technical papers that focus on some technical niche or aspect of a wireless network’s performance, but also includes such other aspects as an analytical paper that deals with the interface between users’ behaviour and the capacity utilisation of the network. This issue also spans the gap between industry and academia somewhat in that it includes a paper from respected researchers in the wireless industry in Europe

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