19 January 2007

Call for papers: Solid Waste Management


Call for papers: Solid Waste Management

A special issue of the International Journal of Environment and Waste Management (IJEWM)

Important Dates:
Deadline for paper submission : 30 April 2007
Deadline of papers review : 30 June 2007
Deadline for submission of revised papers : 15 July 2007
Deadline for re-review of papers requiring major revision : 15 August 2007
Deadline for second revisions of papers if required : 30 August 2007

With the rapid urbanisation, industrialisation, infrastructure developmental activities, intensive agriculture and livestock farming, solid waste management is faced with new pressures and challenges. “How will solid waste be managed?” is an important question demanding attention all over the world. Pollutants generated from solid wastes have potential adverse effect on the environment. If not dealt with properly, they can cause pollution to groundwater, surface water, create health problems and affect the environment. Successful solid waste management can only be achieved by applying proper techno-scientific principles. The nature and composition of solid waste vary from country to country. The technologies developed for one region cannot always be applied for other regions. Scientists should therefore develop solid waste management strategies so as to meet the local needs. Full consideration of history, politics, economic and community values are important in developing solid waste management strategies.

In recent years intensive research efforts have been made for solid waste management in developed as well as developing nations. Therefore, we call for papers addressing research on solid waste generation, reduction, treatment, management and the related areas.

For more information, please see the Journal Call for Papers website.

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