21 November 2006

Special Issue on e-learning, e-training and e-knowledge: visions and observations from e-Agenda

International Journal of Learning Technology v2(4) 2006 is a special issue: e-Learning, e-Training and e-Knowledge: Visions and Observations from e-Agenda.
Over a 24-month period the editors had the privilege to engage with over 300 other e-learning professionals at seven separate eAgenda events around the globe involving key industry, government and higher education representatives.
With such a rich fabric of information and insight emerging from each of the events, it was only natural to pursue the concept of bringing together a collection of emerging and important concepts, observations and research into this special issue. The seven articles represent what the editors believe to be a coherent blend of such critical issues, observations and visions for the future in the e-learning, e-training and e-knowledge arenas.
The first article (Rossiter and Crock) creates a framework to assess the impact
and importance of change and innovation, and from this the editors have attempted to structure a special issue that provides a concise and focused compendium of resources on e-learning.
Reeve’s critical reflections on how we are travelling with respect to being able to apply professional and appropriate measures to assess the pedagogical impact of our e-learning endeavours and Rossett and Schafer’s excellent contribution on job aids and performance support provide the next contextual layer in the special issue. These papers are well complemented by Sloman’s examination of e-learning in the corporate sector and Salmon’s insights on the criticality of rewards and recognition in the e-learning arena. The issue is then rounded off with an historical and substantive review by Baker of the frameworks that support e-learning standards and an exploration by McNaught and Vogel of the fit between e-learning policy and organisational culture.

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