24 November 2006

Call for papers: Commercialisation process in SMEs and Globalisation


Call for papers: Commercialisation process in SMEs and Globalisation

A special issue of the International Journal of Technology Transfer and Commercialisation (IJTTC)

Important dates:

Manuscript submission: 30 April, 2007

Notification of Acceptance: 31 August, 2007

Final Submission: 31 October, 2007

Guest Editor: Markku Virtanen, Helsinki School of Economics, Finland

Commercialisation process is a critical factor for the success of SMEs. Many small and medium-sized technology firms are facing competition characterised by the product and market uncertainties, transfer of technologies, increasing intensity of knowledge and information, internationalisation and globalisation of market. Product uncertainties are caused by the shortened product life cycle, which is a common feature in the high technology sector.

In addition, the rapid changes in technology, customer requirements and business practices have a significant impact on firm performance. The capability of a firm to create and commercialise new products quickly is the central challenge for the small and medium-sized technology firms. The rapid commercialisation may secure survival and may also provide several benefits e.g. offer market leader position in national as well as in international level.
This special issue of commercialisation process in SMEs and globalisation emphasises the importance of commercialisation process and its characteristics including the driving forces and challenges in the market place. The driving forces and challenges include the rapid changes in environment and business models. Globalisation is one of those factors connected with both the changes of environment and business models. Thus the contributions connecting commercialisation process in SMEs and globalisation will be required.

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