17 November 2006

Call for papers: Globalisation and Technology Transfer in the Aerospace Industry


Call for papers: Globalisation and Technology Transfer in the Aerospace Industry

A special issue of the International Journal of Technology Transfer and Commercialisation (IJTTC)

Important Dates:

Deadline for manuscript submission: 31 October 2007

Guest Editor: Associate Professor Sören Eriksson, Jönköping International Business School, Sweden

The aerospace industry is a compound of several industries that produce aircraft, space vehicles, engines and a variety of components and systems. This industry is characterised by complex, very high-value added products produced in relatively small quantities. Products have long development periods, i.e. extremely long product life cycles. The industry is also characterised by volatile markets and high degree of political intervention. The high-technology requirements necessitate a high level of R&D. The aerospace industry has a potential for linkages and spill-over to other sectors and cross-fertilisation of advanced technology which few other industries can match.

The aerospace industry has largely been dominated by the advanced economies in North America (USA, Canada), Western Europe (G.B., France, Germany, Italy. Sweden, etc.), the former Eastern Europe (Soviet Union with a few other countries), and partly also Japan.

During recent decades, we have seen a dramatic change in the organisation and structure of this industry. Many emerging economies have invested heavily in the aerospace sector, some have succeeded and several have failed.

Other significant features of today’s global aerospace industry are increased production-sharing, international subcontracting and cross-border ownership. The issue of creating more efficient global supply-chains becomes increasingly important.

All these processes implies a radically increase in technology transfer between companies and economies around the world.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:

* Technology transfer between aerospace companies

* Technology transfer between aerospace firms and other industrial sectors

* Technology transfer to emerging economies and firms

* Consolidation in the global aerospace industry

* Technology spill-over/transfer from the aerospace sector

* Industrial policy and technology transfer

* Supply-chains in the aerospace industry

* Globalisation processes in the aircraft/aerospace industry

* Comparative views between aerospace manufacturing and other industries

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