24 November 2006

Call for papers: Human Resource Management Practices in Industry Clusters


Call for papers: Human Resource Management Practices in Industry Clusters

A special issue of the International Journal of Human Resources Development and Management (IJHRDM)

Important dates:

Submissions should be sent no later than : 30 April 2007

Guest Editors: Prof. Dr. Bei Hu and Prof. Dr. Rongqiu Chen, Huazhong Science and Technology University, P. R. China

Industry clusters do not only exist in the developed countries but also appear in developing countries. With the exuberance of electric clusters of Silicon Valley and Route 128 USA, the surgical instrument cluster of Tuttlingen Germany, the high-tech cluster in Zhongguan Village of Beijing, the perfume bottle cluster in Vallée de la Bresle France, industry clusters have become the focus of governments and academics.

It has been found from previous research that industry clusters boost the district economy and the quality of human capital in the cluster is decisive. However, industry clusters, especially in the developing countries, are now confronting problems in terms of human intelligence, brand, patent and management skills, and human resource management and development has become the bottleneck for the sustainable development of industry clusters. The further development of industry clusters requires new and greater requirements in the structure and quality of working staff. Therefore, HRM&D research into industry clusters becomes vital.

At present, scholars mainly focus on the relationships between entrepreneurs and industry clusters, the connection between professionals and industry clusters, etc. However, HRM practice research are not profound enough. Some key questions are: what kind of talent policies can support the sustainable development of industry cluster? What kind of HRM&D strategy is acceptable to industry clusters? What kind of the knowledge management system is advantageous for the knowledge overflow in the cluster? What kind of training mechanism can foster the development of human capital in industry clusters?

The purpose of this special issue is to provide theoretical and empirical research on HRM practices in industry clusters. Empirical research employing multiple methods, conceptual papers utilising a variety of theoretical perspectives, and manuscripts addressing multiple levels of analysis are especially encouraged.

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