10 November 2006

Call for papers: Self-Directed Learning, Knowledge Management and Human Resource Development


Call for papers: Self-Directed Learning, Knowledge Management and Human Resource Development

A special issue of the International Journal of Human Resources Development and Management (IJHRDM)

Important Dates:

Submissions should be sent no later than: 31 May 2007

Guest Editors:
Lars Mitlacher, Mannheim, Germany
Michael Beitler, UNG at Greensboro, USA
Lucy Guglielmino and Paul Guglielmino, Florida Atlantic University, USA

The concept of self-directed learning has a long tradition. The most popular definition of self-directed learning (SDL) is that of Knowles who defines SDL as a process in which “individuals take the initiative, with or without the help of others, in diagnosing their learning needs, formulating learning goals, identifying human and material resources for learning, choosing and implementing appropriate learning strategies and evaluating learning outcomes“. Researchers have explored self-directed learning from a wide range of angles. However as the demands for lifelong learning continue to grow, a more complete understanding of self-direction in learning and the relationship between SDL and other research areas such as knowledge management or HR development is essential. Additionally, models for integrating the preparation for self directed learning in different areas are needed.

The special issue intends to serve as a forum for the most recent research results on self-direction in learning, new developments in the application of self-directed learning in diverse settings and professions, new insights on the relationship of self-directed learning and other fields like knowledge management, HR development and performance as well as suggestions on how to develop and strengthen self-directed learning propensities and abilities.

Papers should address aspects of self-directed learning focusing on the relationship between self-directed learning, knowledge management and HR development. However papers exploring the relationship between self-directed learning and other areas are also welcome.

For more information, please see the Journal Call for Papers website.

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It's very interesting the concept that you comment above, I'm focus with the popular definition of self-directed learning (SDL), it's a way to formulating and learning goals for my self.