3 July 2019

Special issue published: "Technological Innovation for Sustainable Development"

International Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development 13(3/4) 2019

  • A dialectic on innovation and sustainability
  • Noospheric thinking and problems of sustainable development of territories
  • Leveraging new product innovation through R&D practices in engineering manufacturing sector: a study in Indian context
  • The impact of dimensions of sustainable development on the acceptance of organisational innovations (case study: Iran electronics industries)
  • Organisational readiness evaluation on sustainable IT management in the Brazilian context
  • Towards sustainable rice processing: a case of Republic of Benin
  • A framework proposal for sustainability management in wine industry
  • Energy transition: the nexus between poverty and CO2 emissions in Brazil
  • Consolidation of the wind energy sector in the Brazilian electricity matrix: opportunities, advantages and challenges
  • Waste water treatment plant energy conversion technologies comparison
Additional papers
  • A comparison of proactive and reactive environmental strategies in green product innovation
  • Innovations for sustainability: challenges of utilising sustainability-related knowledge
  • Ecosystem services valuation by pioneering companies

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