27 July 2019

Special issue published: "Energy and Environmental Impact Assessment"

International Journal of Global Warming 18(3/4) 2019

  • Environmental impact assessment of using various fuels in a thermal power plant
  • Impact of climate change on indoor environment of historic libraries in Mediterranean climate zone
  • Resolving strategic conflict for environmental conservation of glacial ecosystem: an attitudinal conflict resolution approach
  • Spatiotemporal variability of climate extremes in the Marmara Region (NW Turkey)
  • Thermodynamics performance of cooling pumps based on different sea water temperatures in main engine of a cargo ship
  • The impacts of window to wall ratio and window orientation on building energy consumption and CO2 emissions under climate change
  • Numerical investigation of valve lifts effects on performance and emissions in diesel engine
  • Thermal anomalies in the Mediterranean and in Asia Minor (1951-2010)
  • Utilisation and leaching behaviour of lead smelting slag as an additive in cement mortars
  • A general framework for adaptation strategies to sea level rise: the case of Turkey
  • Are high altitudinal regions warming faster than lower elevations on the Tibetan Plateau?
  • Understanding and perceptions of climate change: a perspective of university stakeholders
  • Kinetics and mechanism of reaction between carbon disulfide and novel aqueous amines solutions

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