25 July 2019

Special issue published: "Big Data Infrastructure and Deep Learning Applications"

International Journal of Big Data Intelligence 6(3/4) 2019

  • A computational Bayesian approach for estimating density functions based on noise-multiplied data
  • New algorithms for inferring gene regulatory networks from time-series expression data on Apache Spark
  • A scalable system for executing and scoring K-means clustering techniques and its impact on applications in agriculture
  • Scalable mining, analysis and visualisation of protein-protein interaction networks
  • Optimising NBA player signing strategies based on practical constraints and statistics analytics
  • Text visualisation for feature selection in online review analysis
  • Network traffic driven storage repair
  • DeepSim: cluster level behavioural simulation model for deep learning
  • MapReduce-based fuzzy very fast decision tree for constructing prediction intervals
  • Real-time event search using social stream for inbound tourist corresponding to place and time
  • Two-channel convolutional neural network for facial expression recognition using facial parts
  • Efficient clustering techniques on Hadoop and Spark
  • A hybrid power management schema for multi-tier data centres
  • Predicting hospital length of stay using neural networks
  • Towards an automation of the fact-checking in the journalistic web context

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