5 July 2019

Special issue published: "Ecological Economics in Developing and Transition Countries"

International Journal of Environmental Technology and Management 21(5/6) 2018

  • The impact of economic performance on environmental quality in developing countries
  • Consumer behaviour change through education for sustainable development: case of Latvia
  • Decoupling of GDP and air pollution in the Czech Republic: trend analysis and policy story behind
  • Economic and social dimensions of ecological conflicts: root causes, risks, prevention and mitigation measures
  • The impact of environmental determinants of sustainable agriculture on country food security
  • Integral assessment of national economy sustainable development
  • Corporate environmentalism: an assessment of sustainability reporting among firms in Ghana
  • National culture and attitude to ecology: on the example of Ukraine and Mongolia
  • Regional differentiation of electricity prices: social-equitable approach
  • Is phosphorus really a scarce resource?
  • The main trends of innovation capacity influence on environmental situation: the case of Ukraine and Poland
  • The concept of sustainability and regional development integration on the northeast coast of Brazil: the case of Pecém Beach-Ceará
  • Biogas as an alternative energy source in Ukraine and Israel: current issues and benefits

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