24 July 2019

Special issue published: "Advances in Precision and Micro Manufacturing"

International Journal of Precision Technology 8(2/3/4) 2019

  • Modelling of static surface error in end-milling of thin-walled geometries
  • High aspects ratio micro-drilling of super-alloys using ultra short pulsed laser
  • Development of an ultrasonic vibration assisted minimum quantity lubrication system for Ti-6Al-4V grinding
  • Contact behaviour of elastic abrasive spheres during self-centring type magneto-mechanical deployment for internal bore finishing
  • Micro-EDM performance of Inconel 718 superalloy with and without ultrasonic vibration
  • Force analysis during spot finishing of titanium alloy using novel tool in magnetic field assisted finishing process
  • Fabrication of high aspect ratio cylindrical tungsten micro tool by reverse micro-ECM process
  • Electrochemical discharge machining of soda lime glass for MEMS applications
  • Influence of wire feed rate on microslit width fabricated by wire ECM process
  • Localised electrochemical co-deposition of copper-nickel using liquid marbles
  • Femtosecond laser assisted generation of micro-dimples on moly-chrome film for improving its tribology
  • Fibre laser cutting of thick closed cell aluminium foam: morphological analysis and its parametric optimisation
  • Nickel stamp fabrication using SU-8 lithography for micro hot-embossing serpentine microfluidic channels
  • The influence of deep cryogenic treatment and in-situ cryogenic micro turning of Ti-6Al-4V on cutting forces, surface integrity and chip morphology
  • Molecular dynamics simulation of mechanical polishing
  • Experimental investigations on the effect of relative particle sizes of abrasive and iron powder in polishing fluid composition for ball end MR finishing of copper
  • Effect of polishing fluid composition on forces in ball end magnetorheological finishing process
  • Investigation into suitability of electrolytes during surface micro-texturing by electrochemical micromachining
  • Constant work gap perpetuation in ball end magnetorheological finishing process
  • Investigation of tool-workpiece interaction in nanoscale cutting: a molecular dynamics study 
  • In situ geometric measurement of microchannels on EN31 steel by laser micromachining using confocal sensor

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