28 July 2019

Special issue published: "Smart City Applications"

International Journal of Intelligent Enterprise 6(2/3/4) 2019

  • Performance study of routing protocols based on node mobility in MANETs
  • A memetic algorithm for fleet size and mix vehicle routing problems with electric modular vehicles
  • IT governance in collaboration mode: building IT collaboration network using a socio technical approach based on actor network theory
  • Micro navigation system for smart parking area
  • Smart cities reconsidered: the entrepreneurial challenge
  • Architecture of a decision support system based on big data for monitoring type 2 diabetics
  • MultiPrime cloud-RSA: a fast homomorphic encryption scheme for data confidentiality protection in clouds
  • Training and evaluation of TreeTagger on Amazigh corpus
  • Towards a ubiquitous students' response system for monitoring learning performances
  • Game theory-based analysis of inter-cluster communication in a DRHT network
  • A smart architecture design for health remote monitoring systems and heterogeneous wireless sensor network technologies: a machine learning breathlessness prediction prototype
  • Improving smart learning experience quality through the use of extracted data from social networks
  • French medical named entity recognition: a hybrid approach
  • Detection of driver's alertness level based on the Viola and Jones method and logistic regression analysis
  • AWS and IoT for real-time remote medical monitoring
  • Use of cloud computing and GIS on vehicle traffic management
Additional paper
  • A study on the barriers to lean manufacturing implementation for small-scale industries in Himachal region (India)

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