12 September 2018

Research pick: Work-life balance - "An empirical research on quality of work-life – an employee perspective"

Dramatic advances in technology and the intensification of global competition in the business world have disrupted considerably the work-life balance of many people the world over, where prior to the advent of smartphones and “always-on” connectivity, home time was to some extent personal and private, but today work impinges increasingly in that environment through those devices. Moreover, the global nature of business now means that timezones are irrelevant and employees are often expected to be accessible and available 24/7 in many realms of work, particularly those in the employ of multinational companies with worldwide dominance. Researchers in India have studied this imbalance and offer new suggestions as to how employers can compromise in terms of the company’s demands and the needs of the individual members of staff.

Swarochi, G., Seema, A. and Sujatha, S. (2018) ‘An empirical research on quality of work-life – an employee perspective’, Int. J. Management Development, Vol. 2, No. 1, pp.34–80.

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