3 September 2018

Special issue published: "Advances in Information Security and Networks"

International Journal of High Performance Computing and Networking 12(2) 2018
  • Full secure identity-based encryption scheme over lattices for wireless sensor networks in the standard model
  • The fault diagnosis method of RVM based on FOA and improved multi-class classification algorithm
  • Secure data outsourcing scheme in cloud computing with attribute-based encryption
  • An optimisation research on two-dimensional age-replacement interval of two-dimensional products
  • Extensional schemes of multipartite non-interactive key exchange from multilinear maps and their applications
Additional papers
  • An efficient traceable data sharing scheme in cloud computing for mobile devices
  • Malicious URL detection with feature extraction based on machine learning
  • An efficient symmetric searchable encryption scheme for dynamic dataset in cloud computing paradigms
  • Modelling and coordinating multi-source distributed power system models in service-oriented architecture
  • Outsourcing privacy-preserving ID3 decision tree over horizontally partitioned data for multiple parties

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