26 September 2018

Special issue published: "Heavy Vehicle Systems in Real-Time Applications"

International Journal of Heavy Vehicle Systems 25(3/4) 2018
  • An investigation on the fatigue performance of austempered ductile iron steering knuckle
  • Parametric analysis of axial flux HUB motor for the electric vehicle in rural areas
  • Automated multimodal background detection and shadow removal process using robust principal fuzzy gradient partial equation methods in intelligent transportation systems
  • Anomalies detection from video surveillance using support vector trained deep neural network classifier
  • Evaluation of outlier detection algorithms for traffic congestion assessment in smart city traffic data from vehicle sensors
  • Robust detection and recognition of traffic signs on road panels
  • Mapping the structure and evolution of heavy vehicle research: a scientometric analysis and visualisation
  • Location optimisation for road side unit deployment and maximising communication probability in multilane highway
  • Adaptive mobility-based intelligent decision-making system for driver behaviour prediction with motion nano sensor in VANET
  • Corrosion, adhesion and erosion study of MZ and ML system using thermal plasma
  • Evaluation of mechanical performance of friction welded AISI304L grade stainless steel joints
  • Investigation of mechanical, morphological studies and electrochemical micro holing process parameters on Al6061-SiC-Gr hybrid metal matrix composites
  • An experimental investigation on the performance of a CI engine when using LTC with a blend of diesel, biodiesel and ethanol
  • Research on vehicle location-distribution problem based on uncertain demand and low carbon emission
  • Secure and compact implementation of optimized Montgomery multiplier based elliptic curve cryptography on FPGA with road vehicular traffic collecting protocol for VANET application
  • Investigation of energy availability for vapour absorption refrigeration system from engine exhaust
Additional paper
  • Optimal design of passive suspension system of a 6 × 6 multi-wheeled all-terrain vehicle using genetic algorithm

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