5 September 2018

Special issue published: "Embracing the Asean Economic Community in Indonesia: The Convergence of Management and Technology"

International Journal of Services Technology and Management 24(5/6) 2018
  • A case study of Indonesian SMEs: an empirical evidence of SCM practices and their impact on firm performance
  • Governance structure choice in the supply chain of broiler chickens: an empirical study in Central Java, Indonesia
  • The challenge of e-money adoption for transportation in Indonesia
  • Monetary integration in the ASEAN Economic Community challenge: the role of the exchange rate on inflation in Indonesia
  • Assessing an information system in a mandatory environment: a case of a government agency in Indonesia
  • R&D intensity and allocation: empirical evidence from Indonesia in AEC integration
  • Marine renewable energy: opportunities and challenges for community development in coastal area of Indonesia

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