17 September 2018

Special issue published: "Headlines of Russian Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies in 2017"

International Journal of Nanotechnology 15(4/5) 2018
  • Attosecond nanotechnology: from subatomic electrostatic strings entangling electron pairs to supra-atomic quantum nanoelectromechanical systems energy storage in materials
  • Agro ecological grounding for the application of metal nanopowders in agriculture
  • Preparation of liposomes containing benzophenanthridine alkaloid sanguinarine and evaluation of its cytotoxic activity
  • Elaboration of a bacterial cellulose matrix for the immobilisation of Escherichia coli cells
  • On the interaction of thermal and strain-wave processes in coals
  • Nanocomposites for luminescent tumour diagnostics and theranostics
  • Research of sheet thickness effect on mechanical and technological properties of Al-1%Mn aluminium alloy
  • Multicriteria optimisation of the formulation of modified fine-grained fibre concretes containing carbon nanostructures
  • Problems of education in the field of nanotechnology
  • Nanopowders of cuprum, cobalt and their oxides used in the intensive technology for growing cucumbers
  • Information representation and retrieval in nanoengineering applications
  • Investigation of Finemet nanocrystalline alloy coating obtained by the electric spark method
  • Complementary memristive diode cells for the memory matrix of a neuromorphic processor
  • Mesoporous carbon materials for supercapacitors prepared by the pyrolysis of polymers
  • The effect of Langmuir arachidic acid layers on surface morphology and electrical properties of a polycrystalline CdS film
  • Epilam multifunctional nanosized protective films: synergy effect of antiadhesive and anti-frictional properties
  • The influence of hydrothermal nanosilica powder aquaspersions on the vital capacity of Daphnia magna Straus crustaceans
  • Sorption activity of nanostructured materials

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