17 September 2018

Special issue published: "Modelling and Simulation of Chaotic Processes"

International Journal of Simulation and Process Modelling 13(5) 2018
  • A new biological snap oscillator: its modelling, analysis, simulations and circuit design
  • Extreme multi-stability in hyperjerk memristive system with hidden attractors and its adaptive synchronisation scheme
  • Complex walking behaviours, chaos and bifurcations of a simple passive compass-gait biped model suffering from leg length asymmetry
  • String of scrolls from a time-delayed chaotic circuit
  • Secure communication and image encryption scheme based on synchronisation of fractional order chaotic systems using backstepping
  • Stability study and dynamical analysis of the multicellular chopper
Additional papers
  • K-DBSCAN: an efficient density-based clustering algorithm supports parallel computing
  • Cognitive smart environment: an approach based on concept hierarchies and sensor data fusion

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