24 August 2018

Research Pick: Open access challenges - "Is open access publishing a case of disruptive innovation?"

Open access journal publishing means different things to different people, whether author, editor, publisher, or reader. However, it is viewed it is a disruptive concept that seeks to change the way in which the traditional academic print literature with its centuries-old heritage is handled in today’s world of instant-access databases and online publishing.

Researchers in the West Indies have reviewed the major full-text aggregator databases and other secondary sources and conducted a thematic analysis. Through this research, they hope to identify the main issues involved in open access publishing and the question of its disruptive impact on the industry.

Critically, and perhaps paradoxically given the hyperbole and the activism surrounding Open Access, it is on the increase but academia is actually slow to adopt the concept more widely. Moreover, while there are indications that the traditional business models of publishers are being affected to some degree, it would be premature to claim that Open Access has achieved its potential as a disruptive force.

Allahar, H. (2018) ‘Is open access publishing a case of disruptive innovation?’, Int. J. Business Environment, Vol. 10, No. 1, pp.35–51.

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