24 August 2018

Special issue published: "Thermal Engineering Theory and Applications"

International Journal of Aerodynamics 6(2/3/4) 2018
  • Effect of ternary nanoparticles fluid mixture in heat enhancement and heat storage
  • Brinkman-Forchheimr model for fat accumulation in arterial wall
  • A numerical analysis of casing groove parameters on the performance of wave energy conversion device
  • Parametric study of operational PEM fuel cell using computational simulation, engineering applications of computational fluid mechanics
  • An algorithm for optimal design and thermomechanical processing of high carbon bainitic steels
  • Parametric optimisation of raised-floor data centres to enhance the thermal performance
Additional papers
  • Experimental and numerical evaluation of the drag and lift forces on a scaled-down airfoil
  • Aerodynamic aspects of a small UAV during VSTOL

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