23 August 2018

Special issue published: "Real-Time Communication Issues in IoT Using Big Data Stream Computing"

International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing 9(3) 2018
  • Investigation on association of self-esteem and students' performance in academics
  • Consistent and effective energy utilisation of node model for securing data in wireless sensor networks
  • Image encryption based on random scrambling and chaotic logistic map
  • Predicting the soil profile through modified regression by discretisation algorithm for the crop yield in Trichy district, India
  • A study on computing and e-learning in the perspective of distributed models
  • A personalised user preference and feature based semantic information retrieval system in semantic web search
Regularly submitted papers
  • An improved multi-instance multi-label learning algorithm based on representative instances selection and label correlations
  • Improved quantisation mechanisms in impulse radio ultra wideband systems based on compressed sensing

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