7 August 2018

Special issue published: "New Advances of Modelling and Simulation for Business Processes, Production, Services and Supply Chain"

International Journal of Simulation and Process Modelling 13(4) 2018
  • The role of horizontal cooperation to improve service quality in last-mile distribution
  • A case of a modelled saturation level for cooperative flight departures
  • Simulation model generation for warehouse management: case study to test different storage strategies
  • Enterprise operating system framework: federated interoperability based on HLA
  • System dynamics for the water footprint assessment and simulation in the bioethanol production
  • Setting up a serious game for major incident in industrial plants management: investigation of the learning effect
  • Analysis of fraud controls using the PaySim financial simulator
  • Novel robustness measures for engineering design optimisation
  • Simulation of counter drugs operations based on geospatial technology for use in a military training simulator

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