22 August 2018

Special issue published: "Sustainable Technologies in Environmental Science and Engineering"

International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development 17(2/3)
  • Production of biodiesel feedstock - microbial lipid from slaughterhouse wastewater
  • Biodiesel production and characterisation from Punnai oil using egg shell catalyst: engine performance and emission studies
  • Biodiesel production and characterisation from Pongamia oil using low cost Pisthia shell catalyst: engine performance and emission studies
  • Detoxification of food-waste hydrolysate to enhance lipid production in M. pulcherrima - an alternative feedstock for biodiesel
  • Renovation of horticultural waste into organic fertiliser by vermicomposting technology: approach for solid waste management
  • Effect of electrochemical operational parameters on decolourisation of reactive red-195 using batch process
  • Effect of equivalence ratio on gasification of granular biomaterials in self circulating fluidised bed gasifier
  • Synthesis of biogenic nano-scale gold products by natural tribes and their inborn antimicrobial activity
  • Effects of retting pond wastewater pollution and seasonal variation
  • A study on quality characteristics of packaged drinking water sold in and around Kanchipuram District, Tamil Nadu, India
  • A quick prediction of hardness from water quality parameters by artificial neural network
  • Thermodynamic aggregation behaviour of p-cymene in hydrotropic solution
  • Pressure drop characteristics and efficiency enhancement by using TiO2-H2O nanofluid in a sustainable solar thermal energy collector
  • Numerical investigation of unsteady buoyancy driven indoor air flow characteristics under various range of internal heat generation

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