26 March 2016

Special issue published: "Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing"

International Journal of Autonomous and Adaptive Communications Systems 9(1/2) 2016
  • Multicast tree construction: a nodes' relative leaving probability algorithm based on NICE in ALM
  • Heterogeneous educational resource recommender system based on user preferences 
  • Hierarchical routing algorithm for ad hoc networks using mobile VMN
  • ROI extraction based on visual salience and visual evaluation
  • CH-CSMA-CA: a MAC protocol for asynchronous channel hopping rendezvous in 802.11 DCF-based cognitive radio networks
  • Wake-up radio implementation for internet of things
  • Performance analysis of a hierarchical switched network architecture
  • Towards connectivity-aware deployment and adjustment for roadside units
  • A hash-based algorithm for measuring cardinality distribution in network traffic
  • A TCP-friendly AQM algorithm to mitigate low-rate DDoS attacks
  • Formal framework for defining trust in multi-organisation environment

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