26 March 2016

New editor's picks of free sample articles available from International Journal of Mechatronics and Manufacturing Systems

The following sample articles from the International Journal of Mechatronics and Manufacturing Systems are now available here for free:
  • Stochastic tool wear assessment in milling difficult to machine alloys
  • Control method of tool axis vector based on kinematics characteristics for five-axis NC machining
  • Modelling and vibration analysis of machine tool spindle system with bearing defects
  • Procedure for geometrical errors identification in machine tool
  • Multi-scale directed surface topography machined by electro discharge machining in combination with plasma electrolytic conversion for improved osseointegration
  • Genetic algorithms with variable search space function for fine gain tuning of model-based robotic servo controller
  • Preliminary results on Ti incremental sheet forming (ISF) of biomedical devices: biocompatibility, surface finishing and treatment
  • Design of an active control of vibration in a centreless grinding machine: theoretical study and experimental implementation
  • Feed drive modelling for the simulation of tool path tracking in multi-axis high speed machining

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