30 March 2016

Special issue published: "Benchmarking for the Delivery of Water and Sanitation Services to the Urban Poor"

International Journal of Water 10(2/3) 2016
  • Introduction and reflection on benchmarking for the delivery of water and sanitation services to the urban poor
  • Organisational performance measurement models, also for poverty alleviation
  • Voluntary water utility benchmarking for collective learning: lessons from Europe
  • Benchmarking for the provision of water supply and sanitation services to the urban poor: an assessment framework
  • Benchmarking sanitation for the poor has to take the real sanitary problems in the slums of Kampala as the point of departure
  • Assessment of tools in use by the National Water and Sewerage Corporation to improve water and sanitation services to the slums of Kampala, Uganda
  • Reaching the poor in Mashhad City: from subsidising water to providing cash transfers in Iran
  • A stepwise approach to achieve sustainable services to low income areas, the experience of a private operator
  • Mapping pro-poor water supply services: what are the technical and institutional options for the utility and private provision in Accra?
  • Incentives for water supply to the urban poor and the role of the regulator in Ghana
  • Does the Zambian water sector regulation have pro-poor tools and outcomes?

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