28 May 2015

Special issue published: "Selected Topics in Computer Science and Technology"

International Journal of Autonomous and Adaptive Communications Systems 8(2/3) 2015
  • Game-theoretic resource allocation and decoding order control in OFDMA based multihop networks
  • A formal aspect-oriented method to model and analyse secure service composition
  • A kind of slope stability evaluation model based on SVM-DS method
  • Multi-source intrinsic colourisation
  • On distributed polarising relay transmission system with successive interference cancelation decoding in frequency selective fading channels
  • An objective assessment method for image defogging effects
  • An efficient clustering ensemble selection algorithm
  • Selective partial recovery optimisation strategy for SSL connection migration
  • An environment-aware routing protocol for underwater wireless sensor networks
  • An outlier mining algorithm based on approximate outlier factor
  • Orthogonal matching pursuit-based incremental locally linear embedding algorithm
  • KFTrust: P2P trust model based on evaluation rank using Kalman filter
  • FLIP: enforcing IP mobility to the cellular network edge
  • Medical image fusion using optimal feature selection methods based on second generation contourlet transform
  • A layer-based algorithm for the construction of connected dominating set in WSNs

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