19 May 2015

Special issue published: "Crude Oil Prices: an International Perspective (Part 1)"

International Journal of Global Energy Issues 38(1/2/3) 2015
  • Volatility analysis and forecasting models of crude oil prices: a review
  • A support vector machine-based ensemble prediction for crude oil price with VECM and STEPMRS
  • Mean spillover effect between crude oil and gasoline markets: an empirical result
  • The impact of international oil prices on petroleum industry concentration in China: an analysis based on convergence and cointegration
  • Research on changes of international big oil companies' R&D input: the impacts of international oil prices
  • Multifractal spectrum analysis of Brent crude oil futures prices volatility in intercontinental exchange
  • The bubble process of international crude oil futures prices: empirical evidence from the STAR model
  • A VAR-SVM model for crude oil price forecasting
  • Empirical study on energy prices volatility of China during 1980-2010
Additional paper
  • Long-term expansion planning for the Syrian electric system using the optimisation model WASP-IV

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