11 May 2015

Free sample articles newly available from Int. Journal of Environmental Engineering

The following sample articles from the International Journal of Environmental Engineering are now available here for free:
  • Effect of ozone on secondary effluent treatment for reuse in agriculture
  • Utilisation of pulverised coal fly-ash as filler and rice straw as fibrous raw material for manufacturing of special grade paper
  • Development of a microfuel processor: oxidative steam reforming of ethanol and water-gas shift reaction on noble metal catalysts in a microreactor
  • Resistance to heavy metals and bioaccumulation of lead and zinc by Chryseobacterium solincola strain 1YB-R12T isolated from soil
  • Biodegradation of fenpropathrin by a novel Rhodopseudomonas sp. strain PSB07-8
  • Heavy metal uptake, its effects on plant biochemistry of wetland (constructed) macrophytes and potential application of the used biomass
  • Application of dried anaerobic digested sewage sludge as phenol biosorbent
  • Effect of moving sand as a ballast contaminant on rail corrugation: field experience
  • Water quality characteristics of different industrial wastewater by Delphi water quality index method

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