21 May 2015

Special issue published: "Emerging Technologies for Ubiquitous Communications, Computing and Applications in Ad-Hoc Networks"

International Journal of Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing 19(1/2) 2015
  • Towards optimising routing overhead in wireless multi-hop networks
  • A transmission protocol based on network coding in many-to-one delay tolerant networks
  • A robust and reliable routing based on multi-hop information in industrial wireless sensor networks
  • The correlation study for parameters in four tuples
  • Gateway pheromone-based adaptive internet access scheme for mobile ad hoc networks
  • Construction and analysis of a green clustered architecture for RNG-based wireless ad hoc networks
  • Erasure coding-based message forwarding to multiple destinations in intermittently connected networks
  • Ego-centric social network routing in MANET
  • Using a hybrid algorithm and active RFID to construct a seamless infant rooming-in tracking mechanism
Additional paper
  • Integrating DSRC and dead-reckoning for cooperative vehicle positioning under GNSS-challenged vehicular environments

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