25 March 2015

Special issue published: "Strategy Transformation in Corporations"

International Journal of Technology Management 67(2/3/4) 2015
  • Strategy transformation under technological convergence: evidence from the printed electronics industry
  • Firm's typology and strategic innovation among Chinese cosmetic industry - a strategic transformation tool
  • The responsive-integrative framework, outside-in and inside-out mechanisms and ambidextrous innovations
  • Dynamic marketing capabilities and radical innovation commercialisation
  • Strategic business transformation through technology convergence: implications from General Electric's industrial internet initiative 
  • The effects of integrating innovative resources on organisational performance: the moderating role of innovation life cycle
  • The synergisitic impact of time-based technologies on manufacturing competitive priorities
  • Factors affecting product innovation performance according to dynamics of environment: evidence from Korean high-tech enterprises in manufacturing sector
  • Managing the change of strategy from customisation to product platform: case of Mabuchi Motors, a leading DC motor manufacturer

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