4 March 2015

Call for papers: "Big Data and Cloud Computing Challenges"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Big Data Intelligence.

This special issue aims to discuss the issues and challenges in maintaining big data and cloud computing, which is now a major threat to our technical environments. It discusses emerging problems such as the data which is growing at a speed greater than the computational speed and also challenges in storing such big data safely.

It also aims to discuss the challenges of virtualisation in cloud computing. It focuses on the development of cloud computing applications with hands on experience including virtualisation. The scope of “virtualisation technologies” includes techniques and concepts to enable virtual machines, virtual networks, virtual storage and virtual applications.

This special issue will also be a platform to create awareness with students, faculties and industrial community and with society regarding the usage of big data and cloud computing.

The issue will carry revised and substantially extended versions of selected papers presented at ISBCC 2015 (International Symposium on Big Data and Cloud Computing Challenges), but we also strongly encourage researchers unable to participate in the conference to submit articles for this call.

Suitable topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Cloud architecture
  • Map reduce
  • Security and privacy
  • Cloud services and applications
  • Virtualisation
  • HPC on cloud
  • Big data science and foundation
  • Big data infrastructure
  • Big data management
  • Big data search and mining
  • Big data security and privacy
  • Big data applications
  • The 5Vs of the data landscape: volume, variety, velocity, veracity, value
  • Big data science and foundations, analytics, visualisation and semantics
  • Software and tools for big data management
  • Security, privacy and legal issues specific to big data
  • Big data economy, QoS and business models
  • Intelligence and scientific discovery
  • Software, hardware and algorithm co-design, high-performance computing
  • Large-scale recommendation systems and graph analysis
  • Algorithmic, experimental, prototyping and implementation
  • Data-driven innovation, computational modelling and data integration
  • Data intensive computing theorems and technologies
  • Modelling, simulation and performance evaluation
  • Hardware and infrastructure, green data centres/environmental-friendly perspectives
  • Computing, scheduling and resource management for sustainability
  • Complex applications in areas where massive data is generated
  • Big data and social networking concepts and applications
  • Emerging technologies in big data and social networking
  • Management issues of social network big data
  • Security challenges in big data and social networks
  • Social network and big data analytics
  • Open source tools for big data
  • Green computing for big data
  • Network infrastructure for social networking and big data
  • Social networks monitoring tools as a Service
  • Cloud computing for big data and social networks
  • Big data and the internet of things
  • Big data and decision making
  • Big data for wireless sensor networks
  • Visualisation tools for big data
  • Mobile cloud networks and big data
  • Social network data analysis tools and services on the cloud
  • Large scale bioinformatics data analysis and management
  • Case studies

Important Dates
Submission of manuscripts: 15 May, 2015
Notification to authors: 1 July, 2015
Final versions due: 1 July, 2015

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