3 March 2015

Special issue published: "Digital Human Modelling"

International Journal of Human Factors Modelling and Simulation 4(3/4) 2014

Includes extended versions of papers presented at the 2nd International Digital Human Modeling (DHM) Symposium.
  • The influence of muscle action on joint loading during dynamic finger pressing tasks in an open-source modelling environment
  • Certification by analysis and simulation validation
  • A musculoskeletal fatigue model for prediction of aviator neck manoeuvring loadings
  • Soft tissue human thigh and buttock finite element model to simulate vehicle seat cushion indentation
  • Using a formal high-level language and an automated manikin to automatically generate assembly instructions
Additional papers
  • Ride dynamic behaviour of coupled human-vehicle vibratory model
  • Complementarities of digital human models and ergonomic work analysis in workstation design: the manual packaging task

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