15 September 2014

Special issue published: "Precision in Manufacturing"

International Journal of Mechatronics and Manufacturing Systems 7(2/3) 2014
  • A methodology for process parameter selection in five axis laser cladding
  • Workpiece surface integrity and productivity when cutting CFRP and GFRP composites using a CO2 laser
  • Tolerance chart-based methodology for integrated CNC machining and in-line inspection planning
  • Procedure for geometrical errors identification in machine tool
  • Influence of dry plunge-milling conditions on surface integrity of magnesium alloys
  • Fan/cone beam CT: visualisation and applications for non-clinical X-ray imaging
  • Analytical forces model for micro-end-milling processes
  • Mechanical design of an indexed metrology platform for verification of portable coordinate measuring machines
  • Response delay and predictive estimation of specifications for assemblies

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