23 September 2014

Special issue published: "Exploring Socio-Economic Dimensions of Business Strategies: Interdisciplinary Approaches"

International Journal of Trade and Global Markets 7(3) 2014

Expanded versions of papers presented at the 2013 SIBR-Thammasat Conference on Interdisciplinary Business and Economic Research.
  • Consumer's brand preference over cyber brand and extension brand
  • The effect of CSR disclosure to firm value with earning management as moderating variable: case study of non-financing firms listed at Indonesia Stock Exchange
  • Impact of un-ethical IT behaviours to cloudy businesses
  • Effect of obedience pressure, ethical concern and perception responsibility at creation budget slack by management accountant
  • International television formats and national variations: the case of IDOL in Vietnam
  • Tax avoidance behaviour towards the cost of debt
  • Verifying China's exchange rate regime: it is a discretionary crawling peg to the US dollar!

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