6 April 2012

Special issue: Potential contributions of nanomaterials for advanced applications

International Journal of Nanoparticles 5(2) 2012

Papers from the International Conference on Materials Imperatives in the NewMillennium (MINM 2010) held in Cairo, Egypt, 29 Nov-2 Dec 2010.
  • Composition and sintering temperature effect on some structural and magnetic properties of Ni Mg nano-particle ferrites
  • Gas sensing performance of nanostructured ZnO thick film resistors
  • Nanocrystalline zinc oxide thin films prepared by electrochemical technique for advanced applications
  • Structural, thermal and dielectric properties of ferroelectric Pb1-xCaxTiO3 ceramics
  • Synthesis and optical properties of titania-PVA nanocomposites
  • The role of new core pigment in enhancing the properties of glass-ceramics based on raw materials

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