28 April 2012

Special Issue on Fuels and Combustion in Engines

International Journal of Alternative Propulsion 2(2) 2012

Papers from the  Fuels and Combustion in Engines Conference held in Istanbul, Turkey, 31 March -1 April 2009.
  • Performance and emission characteristics of methyl ester from non-edible oils in a DI diesel engine with additive and advance injection
  • Comparison of blends of conventional diesel fuel and CRBO containing high levels of FFA in a DI diesel engine
  • Performance and emissions of a dual fuel operated diesel engine
  • Effect of injection timings on the performance, emission and combustion characteristics of DI diesel engine running on Calophyllum inophyllum linn oil (honne oil)
  • Plug-in hybrid conversion of three wheeler using a novel drive strategy
  • Performance of a direct diesel engine using aviation fuels blended with biodiesel
Additional Paper
  • Effect of hydrogen supplementation on the performance, combustion and emission characteristics of a natural gas fuelled S.I. engine

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