6 April 2012

Special issue: Pore-scale flow and transport processes in petroleum reservoirs

International Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Technology 5(2/3) 2012
  • Prediction of three-phase saturation profiles from two-phase capillar pressure curves as a function of wettability
  • Direct numerical simulation of pore-scale reactive transport: applications to wettability alteration during two-phase flow
  • Pore scale coupling of fluid displacement and unconsolidated sediment mechanics
  • Single-phase lattice Boltzmann simulations of pore-scale flow in fractured permeable media
  • Pore-scale analysis of the effects of contact angle hysteresis on blob mobilisation in a pore doublet
  • Three-dimensional pore networks and transport properties of a shale gas formation determined from focused ion beam serial imaging
  • Pore to continuum upscaling of permeability in heterogeneous porous media using mortars
Additional Paper
  • Streamline based black-oil simulation and its application to waterflooding

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