24 May 2011

Special issue: System modelling and advanced control – Part I

International Journal of Advanced Mechatronic Systems 3(1) 2011

Papers from the 2010 International Conference on Modelling, Identification and Control (ICMIC‘10), held in Okayama, Japan, 17-19 July 2010.
  • Extensions to experiment design and identification algorithms for large-scale and stochastic processes
  • Development of static friction compensation for feed drive motions of machine tools
  • HVAC control strategies for thermal comfort and indoor air quality
  • A novel power swings blocking scheme verified with a new power swing simulation model
  • Fault detection for stator inter-turn short circuit in doubly fed induction generators using adaptive observers
  • Asymptotic parameter sensitivity for polynomial dynamical systems
  • Turbofan aero-engine full flight envelope control using H∞ loop-shaping control technique

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